Last two week no less than five new Hobbits arrived. Amongst them three from Argentina and one from Uruguay. Thanks to my new contact in Argentina, Nicolas. Gracias Nicolas! And a new Hobbit from Catalonia arrived.

I now have 810 Hobbits from 86 countries and/or in 86 languages. And, more Hobbits will follow.
If you, dear reader, see a Hobbit, missing in my collection, please contact me.

The new Hobbits:

Catalonia 2022
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Uruguay 2022
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Argentina 2007
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Argentina 2013 – movie cover 2
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Argentina 20?? – various information is still missing, to be continued …
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Well, this is not exactly a new Hobbit……

Paperback, 2020, 60th printing.
But, there already was a 60th printing (hardback with original Tolkien cover 1937).

Plus: Normally silver foil was used in this edition, but because of the limited edition, light gray printing ink was used instead.
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Seven new Hobbits have arrived …..

The past few weeks have been a good Hobbit time. As many as seven new Hobbits found their way into my collection.
As a result, the collection now consists of 804 Hobbits from 85 countries or in 85 languages.
Striking: five of the seven appeared this year, in 2022. The Hobbit, forever young.

Below are the seven new acquisitions.

Catalonia, 1 thus, 2022, pocketbook.
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Canada, 1978, pocketbook.
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HOBBIT # 800

Serbia, 2022, first thus, hardback, no dust jacket issued.
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Latin, year: ?, hardback + dust jacket.
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France, 2022, first thus, paperback.
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Portugal, 2022, first thus, paperback + dust jacket.
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Latvia, 2022, hardback, no dust jacket issued, first thus.
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It has been a bit quiet at for a while. One of the reasons was the replacement of my laptop. After that, not everything went as planned.
Fortunately, the problems are now over and I can report five new Hobbits.

First of all, two Polish Hobbits (from 1988 and 1991), thanks to JOHAN VANHECKE. Then two brand new Danish editions, thanks to a Facebook message from SØREN VALDEMAR BYRIAL and last but not least a special Croatian edition of the comic Hobbit thanks to OLIVER BOZOVIC.

Thanks to all and if you come across a Hobbit that is missing from my collection, please contact me.

Thanks to these five new Hobbits, I now have 797 Hobbits in 85 languages / from 85 countries.

Poland 1988

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Poland 1991

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Danmark – Tove Jansson

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Danmark – Tolkien cover

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And, last but not least the comic Hobbit Croatia 2002.

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This week two new Hobbits arrived. One from Serbia and ond from Chile.
The one from Chile is very special for me: it is my first Hobbit from Chile and that makes the number of languages / countries to 85.
I bought both Hobbits from my German colleague collector Brigitte. Thank you, Brigitte.

El Hobbit from Chile, hardback, no dust jacket issued, published in 2021.
If anyone knows if this is the first Hobbit published in Chile, please, contact me.
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HOBIT from Serbia, soft cover, published in 2021.
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These Hobbits are # 789 and 790 in my Hobbit collection (in 85 languages / from 85 countries).


This new Hobbit from Ukrania was shipped to me only a few days before Russia invaded Ukrania.
I can only hope that this Ukranian Hobbit will not be the last Hobbit, printed in a free Ukrania.

This Hobbit was published in a limited edition at the end of 2021 and includes an insert, signed by the translator. My copy is number 1208.
Hardback with dust jacket, cover by Tolkien and illustrations in color and black and white also by Tolkien.

This Hobbit deserves a place of honor in my collection of 787 Hobbits in 84 languages / from 84 countries.