On this website you will see how, in the year 1975, my first copy of The Hobbit became the start of quite a collection of The Hobbit.

My first Hobbit was the 12th printing (1975) of the Dutch translation. It was a birthday present. At this moment (July, 30 2020) I have a collection of 730 different Hobbits in or from 82 languages / countries.

Latest additions: England (2020, ill. Alan Lee), USA (Peter Sis cover/Young readers edition 2001), seven Modern Chinese Hobbits, Netherlands (2020), five Modern Chinese Hobbits, Three Brasilian Hobbits (Hobbit 75 years and two comic editions: 2003 and 2009), England (2020), Spain 1990, comic edition, Three Hobbits from Brasil (2019), Sinhalese / Sri Lanka (2013, FIRST), Japan (hardback 2002), France (2013), USA (Revised edition 1982), Catalan (1983 – FIRST), France (2019), Denmark (2019, Tolkien cover), Sorbia 2018 (reprint), Spain 2016, USA (1982 – Big Yellow Sun), England (2006, yellow dot on spine), Norway (movie cover # 2 2017), Luthuania (1985 – FIRST), Sweden (2019), Mexico (movie cover #1, 2012), Canada (1979), France (2013), USA (2013), Brazil (Movie cover #3 – 2014), Russia (1992), Russia (2019), USA (2011?, announcing the Hobbit movies), Serbia (1975 FIRST), England (Cascades 1999), Russia (2003), Sri Lanka (2018, 3rd print), Italy (Annotated 2005 and Biblioteca Adelphi 2006), Denmark (1969, FIRST)< Korea (2007?), Serbia (Annotated Ed. 2008), Sinhalese (Sri Lanka, 2nd 2016), Norway (1972 – FIRST paperback), Russia/English (2018), Albania (2015), Germany (2011), Colombia (2018), Serbia (1995 and comic edition 2002).

On this site you will find – at this moment – two albums:
1. Hobbits I have,
2. Hobbits I want (I am still looking for many a Hobbit).

In the future new albums may be added, like covers by Tolkien himself etc.

If you have any questions or if you have books in which I might be interested, do not hesitate and contact me. And certainly do so if you have any information that will make this site more complete.

It is my wish to make this site THE Hobbit site. Will that be easy? Certainly not, but … why not try at least? And you can help! For exemple when you see a “?” instead of information.

And, there is more. As a collector of books by and on Tolkien, I have some 2.000 double copies of books by and on Tolkien.
I sell them worldwide and, because it is a hobby for me, at friendly prices in my webshop HOBBITHUNTER BOOKSHOP.

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Henk Brassien, aka The Hobbit Hunter

Latest additions to my collection