On this website you will see how, in the year 1975, my first copy of The Hobbit became the start of quite a collection of The Hobbit.

My first Hobbit was the 12th printing (1975) of the Dutch translation. It was a birthday present. At this moment (October 2017) I have a collection of 626 different Hobbits in or from 78 languages / countries.

Latest additions came from Finland (2017 – 80 years The Hobbit), England (Jemima Catlin paperback edition 2017), France (Grandes Oeuvres), USA (HM Centenary 1992), Spain (2004), Ukrain (2017), USA (movie cover #3, Turtle back Books by DEL REY),Georgia (2016), Georgia (2011), France (large print edition 2013, movie cover #2) and Spain (Anotated edition 2013).

On this site you will find – at this moment – two albums:
1. Hobbits I have,
2. Hobbits I want (I am still looking for many a Hobbit).

In the future new albums may be added, like covers by Tolkien himself etc.

If you have any questions or if you have books in which I might be interested, do not hesitate and contact me. And certainly do so if you have any information that will make this site more complete.

It is my wish to make this site THE Hobbit site. Will that be easy? Certainly not, but … why not try at least? And you can help! For exemple when you see a “?” instead of information.


And, there is more. As a collector of books by and on Tolkien, I have some 2.000 double copies of books by and on Tolkien.
I sell them worldwide and, because it is a hobby for me, at friendly prices in my webshop HOBBITHUNTER BOOKSHOP.

Click here and you will enter my shop. Be welcome there as a visitor.

Henk Brassien, aka The Hobbit Hunter

Latest additions to my collection