No less than five new Hobbits arrived during the last two weeks. The Netherlands (and certainly I) suffered from temperatures above 32 degrees celsius.

First there are three (modern) Chinese Hobbits, amongst them the possibly most beautifully illustrated Hobbit: The Catlin Hobbit (yes, even in China!). Also very interesting: the one with Bilbo and the eagle happens to be the FIRST AUTHORISIZED CHINESE EDITION! And .. the 1993 Chinese Hobbit is a Pirate edition. (Thanks to Brigitte from Germany these Hobbits are now in my collection).

China FIRST and the Pirate edition: Thank you Lawrence Chang for telling me.

And then there are two Hobbits from Turkey, bought from Pandora: The Annotated Hobbi 2014 and The Hobbit 80 years 2017.

The Hobbits are # 662 – 666 in my Hobbit collection.

More information?
China 2017 Catlin: click here.
China 2000 FIRST: click here.
China 1993 – Pirate: click here.
Turkey 2014 – Annotated Hobbit: click here.
Turkey 2017 – The Hobbit 80 years young: click here.

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