This time no less than eleven new Hobbits arrived. Thanks to a “Tauschhandel” (German word for barter) with German Hobbit collector Brigitte. Thanks again, Brigitte.

We traded duplicate Hobbits to help expand each other’s collections. By the way, Brigitte has more Hobbits than I do. Thanks to her, I know there are still several Hobbits that I don’t have and I now know what they look like. The hunt continues ….

These new Hobbits could be added to my collection: Mongolia 2018, Estonia 1995 and 2019, Bengali hardbacks 2015 (with and without dust jacket), Denmark 1995 and Sweden (2001 and 2002)  Plus: very special is a set of three Russian Hobbits. They look the same (with a different color), but they each have a different translator.

Here they are:

Soon more new Hobbits will follow. Three from Japan, three from China, two from Brittanie, one from Czec Republic (FIRST) and one from Slovakia (FIRST).

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