This month is a very good months for new Hobbits to arrive. This time no less than eight new Hobbits arrived.

Three from China and three from Japan, all six thanks to Norton men in China. He bought them and sent them to me. Thanks again Norton Men!

And, very special, two FIRST printings. One from Chech Republic (1978) and one from Slavakia (1973). Thanks to Lukáš Bajgar, who found the and bought them for me. Thanks again, Lukáš!

Yes, that’s an important part of collecting: friend all over the world that help. And, if you should see Hobbits, missing in my collection, please, let me know.

I now have 760 Hobbits from 82 countries / in 82 languages and at least five more Hobbits are on their way. To be continued.

These are the new arrivals:


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