This time no less than five new Hobbits have arrived. They all came from my German colleague Brigitte (thanks again, Brigitte).

I now have 773 Hobbits in 84 languages / from 84 countries.

Two Hobbits from Argentina.

Above: paperback 2014, movie cover – more information? Click here. 
Below: hardback with red leather dust jacket, The Hobbit’s 75th birthday, # 1.672/3.100 – more information? Click here.

Romania, paperback 2003, cover by Bros. Hildebrandt. More information? Click here.

Hardback 2014, no dust jacket issued, very beautiful illustrations by Denis Gordeev. More information? Click here.

AND NOW …… a new country came into my collection: UZBEKISTAN ! So far I did not know that Uzbekistan had a Hobbit of it’s own.
So .. more than welcome.

Uzbekistan, 2019 FIRST printing, hardback no dust jacket issued. More information? Click here.


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