Thanks to Norton Men I could buy this set of The Hobbit in Japanes at
Alas: dust jackets are missing. Publishers book numbers are 2088 and 2089.

This Hobbit is # 776 in my Hobbit Collection.
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Also from my collection: Japanese Hobbit # 9 (scanned without dust jackets).
They also have numbers 2088 and 2089, reprint 1989 and 1992.

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This time a Chinese (traditional) Hobbit arrived, thanks to Norton Men (thanks again, Norton Men)

I know that it is a long way from China to The Netherlands, but it took two months for this Hobbit (indeed, a long journey). Maybe he got stuck in the Suez Canal?

As far as I know the first official translation in traditional Chinese was in 2001. This Hobbit is from 1996, a pirate edition?
Soft cover, four color illustrations by Tolkien: The hill: hobbiton-across-the- Water, Rivendell, Bilbo wakes up with the early sun in his eyes and Conversation with Smaug. And on cover: Bilbo comes to the huts of the Raft-Elves (my favorite Tolkien illustration).

This Hobbit is # 775 in my collection. More information about this Hobbit? Click here.


As far as I know, this is the first 2021 publication of a Hobbit

It is The Hobbit in Galician, same translation as O Hobbit 2018.
Hardback, no dust jacket issued.
Published by sushi books (2021).

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This Hobbit is # 774 in my Hobbit collection in 84 languages / from 84 countries.


This time no less than five new Hobbits have arrived. They all came from my German colleague Brigitte (thanks again, Brigitte).

I now have 773 Hobbits in 84 languages / from 84 countries.

Two Hobbits from Argentina.

Above: paperback 2014, movie cover – more information? Click here. 
Below: hardback with red leather dust jacket, The Hobbit’s 75th birthday, # 1.672/3.100 – more information? Click here.

Romania, paperback 2003, cover by Bros. Hildebrandt. More information? Click here.

Hardback 2014, no dust jacket issued, very beautiful illustrations by Denis Gordeev. More information? Click here.

AND NOW …… a new country came into my collection: UZBEKISTAN ! So far I did not know that Uzbekistan had a Hobbit of it’s own.
So .. more than welcome.

Uzbekistan, 2019 FIRST printing, hardback no dust jacket issued. More information? Click here.



Once again a new Hobbit with a cover by Tolkien. And no, this time not from Evertype. This Hobbit comes from Finland.
The bookshop did not ship to The Netherlands and then Esther in Sweden ordered this book for me (thanks again, Esther).

Published by WSOY, hardback no dust jacket issued, first thus in 2020.

This Hobbit is # 767 in my Hobbit collection.
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What you see here is a very special Hobbit. It is the first and only printing of The Hobbit in the DDR (Deutsche Demokratische Republik, former Eastern Germany).

It took me many years to find a copy for my collection, but now … he’s here. Thanks to former owner Holger F. from Switzerland. Thanks again, Holger.

This Hobbit (hardback with dust jacket) was published in 1971 by Der Kinderbuchverlag in Berlin. The translation and illustrations were by Walter Schervand and Klaus Ensikat. Indeed, they lived in (former) Western Germany.

This Hobbit is # 765 in my Hobbit collection. Thanks to this Hobbit now in 83 languages / from 83 countries.

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